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Let our experience with and knowledge about the health care system work for you. No one nurse can know it all. Certified Legal Nurse Consultants (CLNC®s) take advantage of the resources and backing of the company which pioneered legal nurse consulting, fostering winning relationships that translate into winning conclusions for you.

You Ask:

Why do I need the services of DS&As?

Health Care Experts

You need experienced health care providers that understand medical records for what is in them, and more importantly, what should be in them.

Cost Effective

You need cost-effective services that save you and your legal team time. We understand the allegation/causation relationship and how it affects your bottom line.


You need us to zero in on the specific medical issues of each case. We can make recommendations, analyze medical records, and educate the litigation team on health care issues.

With medical-legal experience since 2005, the expertise of Diana Schmitt & Associates, LLC can save you time and valuable resources. Let us analyze your medical records and develop custom reports that meet your case needs.


Nursing Home Analysis

You may need a comprehensive process to successfully litigate claims against nursing homes.

  • Long-term care record review requires specialized expertise and systematic organization in order to navigate the voluminous records involved. Report development must be allegation driven by the relevant extraction of resident data that accurately supports or refutes claims. Providers and other treating facilities are scrutinized for comparative negligence. Assessment of damages in relation to allegations is the critical piece to a comprehensive conclusion.

Merit Review

You may need a process to screen cases quickly.

  • Nursing Home – Screening for merit will let you know where potential allegations rate and where the overall defensibility of the facility stands.
  • Hospital – Cases involving hospitals or ambulatory surgical units may need to be reviewed for merit before going to the medical review board. The litigation team may have questions during fact finding before a scheduled mediation. We will provide answers that will help the process move forward.

Testifying Expert Location – Relevant experts are identified during record review. With our network of locators, we can assist with expert location.

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About Diana Schmitt

Diana earned her ADN from San Juan College, Farmington, NM and her BSN from Saint Joseph’s College of Maine, Standish, ME. She is certified in legal nurse consulting from the Vickie Milazzo Institute. Her career in long-term care includes the entire continuum of accountability from one chart entry to the federal guidelines that are required in caring for a vulnerable population. She advocates nationwide for the nursing profession in the adversarial arena and objectively interfaces with the medical-legal aspect of medical records. Diana is co-founder of La Plata Visiting Ministry, this was a referral ministry focused on the visitation needs of elderly and disabled individuals. The ministry provided community service and assistance ranging from nursing home selection to coping with chronic and age related illness and debility in the home. Diana is now Owner/Principal of Senior Life Country Residence, LLC. She serves private elderly hospice clients and assists developmentally disabled individuals as they achieve their independence. Diana loves to garden and write short stories; Ranch Kitties was published in 2010. She enjoys ranch life and is married to a cattleman, Jerry. They have three grandchildren, Sky, Kellin, and Jayden, who keep them young and keep their electronic devices running.

Member: The National Alliance of Certified Legal Nurse Consultants

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